#3510 Buffer remains with previous file path, text area is empty

severe bug
Ben Golding

Steps to reproduce on Windows:
1 > del %USERPROFILE%\.jedit\recent.xml %USERPROFILE%\.jedit\perspective.xml
2 > jedit.exe SubmitChecks.pl file2
3 When jEdit window opens, choose File --> Exit
4 > jedit.exe
5 When jEdit window reopens, you see a 'phantom' buffer with the path of SubmitChecks.pl file, but no content.

The problem is related to perspective.xml, I think.
I also believe this bug was not in jEdit 4.3, but I'm not sure about this.
jEdit 4.4 server mode, using Sun Java 1.6.0_23, Win 7 64-bit, All plugins disabled
Possibly relevant setting: Global Options --> jEdit --> General --> Restore previously open files on startup is NOT checked.


  • Ben Golding
    Ben Golding

    Screenshot of empty buffer from previous file

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  • Thank you for the informative report.

    This sounds like a same problem with #3134215.
    If so, the problem was fixed and the fix was merged into 4.4.x, which
    means that upcoming 4.4pre1 (or a newer daily build) will work for you.

  • Alan Ezust
    Alan Ezust

    What version of jEdit are you using? The 'Version 4.4' which was released and taken down again may contain that bug but 4.4pre1 from svn (about to be released quite soon) should have that bug fixed.

  • Ben Golding
    Ben Golding

    I figured this one might be a duplicate, but I couldn't find it in the tracker.
    Also did not realize I was running a release that had been withdrawn... :-/

    So I downloaded 4.4pre1 that was just announced, confirmed this fixes the issue for me: both with plugins disabled & with my usual config which hides the buffer switcher and uses BufferTabs plugin instead.

  • Ben Golding
    Ben Golding

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