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 props 2009-06-01 vgrazi [r1]
 src 2015-01-04 vgrazi [r360] Corrected visualization of exception handling
 .debuggerDefaults 2009-06-01 vgrazi [r1]
 Javaconcurrenta.iml 2009-06-07 vgrazi [r19] Added thread count field
 appletviewer.policy 2009-06-01 vgrazi [r1]
 build.xml 2013-04-08 vgrazi [r286] Now color coding thread states
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 concurrent.iws 2011-03-06 vgrazi [r139] deleted
 javaconcurrenta.ipr 2010-08-01 vgrazi [r114] Removed annoying line surrounding each animatio...
 javaconcurrenta.iws 2010-08-01 vgrazi [r105] Increased label fonts, and removed some irrelev...
 pom.xml 2014-02-17 vgrazi [r350] Replaced assembly plugin with Shade plugin
 readme.txt 2014-03-03 vgrazi [r356] Updated instructions for Clover (was Cobertura)

Read Me

1. To build the executable jar:
mvn clean package -DskipTests=true

2. To run coverage report, right click ConcurrentExampleLauncher/run with coverage.
Then choose "generate coverage report" icon from Coverage summary (left/bottom)

1. mvn assembly:assembly
2. To run Cobertura coverage tests:
mvn site
This will launch the app. Now click around the animation you want to test
Find coverage report at/Users/vgrazi/dev/JavaConcurrentAnimatedMavenSVN/target/surefire-reports