#1217 Bug within “export to clipboard” when abstract or note fields are sizable

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Bug within “export to clipboard” when abstract or note fields are sizable.

Earlier versions of JabRef allowed the Chicago and Turabian abstract and note filters to prepare "rtf"s with thousands of characters in the "note" and "abstract" fields, among others. Not any longer, since version 2.10 the “export to clipboard,” to which the new ISO690 plugin must be added, have lost the capacity. It is now limited to somewhat above two pages but below six formatted pages.

Many JabRef users, who keep extensive annotations in these fields, are not being able to export the contents of the entries to LibreOffice and other word processing programs.

Enclosed please find a JabRef file with just two references. "Goya - SEAMLESS" exports the abstract and note seamlessly, however "Goya - BUG" won't. The latter reference, exports whatever was in the clipboard.

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  • Oliver Kopp
    Oliver Kopp

    Where do I find the ISO690 plugin? I couldn't locate it at http://jabref.sourceforge.net/resources.php. I only have the option "File>Export". There, the ISO690 export works - even though it logs many things in the console and takes plenty of time.