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  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on JabRef

    I'll follow up on the mailing list, to keep information in one place. For the other...

  • Modified ticket #462 on JabRef

    BibTex Key generation-capitels of 4 meaningfull title words

  • Modified ticket #880 on JabRef

    I want to use the old style (pre 2.10) of "add to group"

  • Modified ticket #863 on JabRef

    Provide a Maven project descriptor (pom.xml) to JabRef

  • Posted a comment on ticket #863 on JabRef

    In the current master branch, we removed plugin support as the drawbacks are higher...

  • Modified ticket #873 on JabRef

    Please enable Text Box Functionality in the "Look in" bar on the "Open File" dialogue

  • Modified ticket #869 on JabRef

    Export month without expanding it

  • Modified a comment on ticket #1291 on JabRef

    I think we should configure gradle so that it can generate a pom.xml itself. Would...

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