Icarus Verilog 0.9.7 is Available

The developers are pleased to announce the next stable release in the 0.9 series, version 0.9.7. Icarus Verilog is a mostly complete implementation of the hardware description language Verilog, as described in IEEE Std 1364-2005. It also includes a number of user requested extensions. It is freely available (open source), is supported on most operating systems, and will be available as a precompiled package for many of these systems.

Icarus Verilog 0.9.7 is primarily a bug fix release. Therefore, we recommend people using the 0.9.6 or earlier releases upgrade to 0.9.7 as soon as possible. Version 0.9.7 is the recommended version for all new users.

More details, including known limitations, deviation from IEEE Std 1364-2005, where to obtain the source code, and links to some of the precompiled packages can be found in the Release Notes located here:


Posted by Cary R. 2013-08-26