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HylaFAX+ Code Repository Log

Commit Date  
[r2333] by faxguy

Update config.guess and config.sub.

2014-05-26 20:06:44 Tree
[r2332] by faxguy

This adds a "probeonly" feature typically to be used in probing the accessibility or functionality of a receiver and not to transmit any fax documents.

2014-04-11 22:28:18 Tree
[r2331] by faxguy

An example session crashed after a Phase C session which detected corrupt data
was followed by PPS-NULL and then the subsequent Phase C session detected no
data at all and was also followed with PPS-NULL. This fixes the reason for the
segfault as well as the mistake of counting that corrupt data in a PPR-NULL-
terminated Phase C session to be "1" frame instead of "0".

2014-04-11 19:09:52 Tree
[r2330] by faxguy

When submitting a job group the docq files are shared in-common with all of the jobs in the group. This stops faxq from deleting the shared docq files and leaves that to faxqclean.

2014-03-21 23:50:19 Tree
[r2329] by faxguy

The changes made in revision R2258 seem to have been overzealous.

FaxQueuer expects the sendq file to remain in-place for longer or we'll get "job file vanished" complaints. Furthermore, a report seems to allude to this change being the catalyst to faxq crashing when the conditions are right.

This modifies the changes from R2258 to function as before except with the additional logging provided by R2258.

2014-02-20 21:48:13 Tree
[r2328] by faxguy

Detect RING/CALLEDPARTYNUMBER presentation... from OpenSuSE patches. Also adds logging of CallID.

2014-02-17 22:01:11 Tree
[r2327] by faxguy

Adds the linux-isdn-1 prototype config file.

2014-02-17 20:51:41 Tree
[r2326] by faxguy

This ports most of the OpenSuSE "hylafax-6.0.4-configure.patch" which appears intended to improve the coding syntax of various checks and tests.

2014-02-17 20:42:37 Tree
[r2325] by faxguy

This change allowed it to auto-rotate an image sized 2448 x 1584 pts.

2014-02-11 01:35:28 Tree
[r2324] by faxguy

Cope with "Ghostscript RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 9.10" versioning.

2014-02-11 01:13:43 Tree
[r2323] by faxguy

Corrections, especially to ModemType.

2014-01-13 22:43:23 Tree
[r2322] by faxguy

This adds the "{" and "}" text alignment features for TaglineFormat fields.

2014-01-06 05:20:59 Tree
[r2321] by faxguy

Missed add from previous commit.

2014-01-01 22:24:54 Tree
[r2320] by faxguy

Add Hebrew dictionary translation from Eliran Itzhak.

2014-01-01 22:24:24 Tree
[r2319] by faxguy

The same multi-byte UTF-8 logic needed to be applied to the PCFFont::strWidth() function as was in PCFFont::imageText.

2014-01-01 21:58:44 Tree
[r2318] by faxguy

The faxmail.c++ changes here further improve the handling of
multipart messages, especially nested multipart parts.

The MIMEState.c++ changes are all formatting-related.

2013-09-27 20:17:43 Tree
[r2317] by faxguy

Redo and improve on previous work to support copying
of entire multipart parts.

2013-09-25 23:48:30 Tree
[r2316] by faxguy

Fix a few short-lived (minor) resource leaks.
These were pointed out by cppcheck and Dennis Jenkins.

2013-09-23 17:08:45 Tree
[r2315] by faxguy


2013-09-21 21:39:25 Tree
[r2314] by faxguy

Add prototype support for MT9234SMI

2013-09-14 20:05:25 Tree
[r2313] by faxguy

A couple improvements for multipart handling.

1) Discard expected blank lines between parts for discardPart
and copyPart. Otherwise we treat these null parts as as
text/plain and actually attempt to format them.

2) When processing a multipart as a whole (say for formatWithExternal,
then we need to restore the parent's boundary marker since
the parsing of the multipart header will necessarily include its
own boundary marker which we don't want use.

2013-09-12 15:33:26 Tree
[r2312] by faxguy

Fixes PCLFONTSOURCE syntax based on hylafax-devel communication
between Bram and Aidan.

2013-09-11 18:40:34 Tree
[r2311] by faxguy

Fixes invocation for -2, -3, and -color options. Based on...

From: Bram <bram-ulynsnk@mail.wizbit.be>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 10:08:19 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] Replace '$PCL' and '$PCL6' with '$PCL6CMD'

The variables 'PCL' and 'PCL6' are never set which causes the script to run
non-existing commands (and fail)

2013-09-11 18:25:57 Tree
[r2310] by faxguy

A valid JBIG image can only have one NEWLEN marker. So avoid
interpreting multiple NEWLEN markers in case the JBIG encoder
at the send-side erred in this. We make the assumption that
the first NEWLEN marker is correct because that's what we've
learned from experience. Apparently any data after NEWLEN
is just fill that normally should be zeroed-out by the sender,
but if a send-side encoder doesn't zero-out the memory it
could hold a NEWLEN marker from some other page, and we want
to avoid getting tripped-up on that.

2013-09-08 19:27:29 Tree
[r2309] by faxguy

If we get EOT before we can even complete the initial prologue, then
conclude that the connection is too poor (carrier loss) to support
V.34 (which requires an always-up carrier).

2013-09-07 19:42:59 Tree
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