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  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on HylaFAX

    A receiver can transmit an unlimited number of NSF frames, theoretically. Most receivers...

  • Committed [r2388]

    The JobRetry* configurations are modem-specific...

  • Committed [r2387]

    Reject jobs that have been rejected by the proxy.

  • Committed [r2386]

    This adds RewriteFaxName and RewriteFaxNumber f...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on HylaFAX

    It is possible to configure HylaFAX to automatically print incoming faxes. However,...

  • Committed [r2385]

    Improved Chinese translation from Zesen Qian (钱...

  • Committed [r2384]

    This makes faxsetup fix blind references in Fon...

  • Committed [r2383]

    It shouldn't be necessary to keep proxy server ...

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