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  • Committed [r2382]

    Passwords created by faxadduser and "SITE ADDUS...

  • Committed [r2381]

    This adds the admin login option for faxstat.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on HylaFAX

    Correct. NSF contains proprietary information from the manufacturer. Sometimes it...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on HylaFAX

    NSF is not required. HylaFAX uses NSF merely to identify itself to senders. The "station...

  • Committed [r2380]

    This adds the ProxyJobTag jobcontrol feature.

  • Committed [r2379]

    The calculation for Class1RestrictPoor[Destinat...

  • Committed [r2378]

    Addresses a documentation deficiency raised by ...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on HylaFAX

    I don't know of anything that will do all of what you want. Your requirement for...

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