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#380 Olympus E-series DSLR


Olympus E-Series DSLR ( like E-3 E-30 E620 E-520 etc that I think using same protocol) currently have no camera control and capture features.
I have an E-30 and can provide information and do the testings. Olympus had Olympus Studio 2.0 that support remote control of the E Series camera (Only for Win and Mac ) but since April they stop selling this software and currently nothing is available for camera owners.


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  • can you run:

    gphoto2 --summary --debug --debug-logfile=xx.log > summary.log

    and attach both summary.log and xx.log here?

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  • James

    Contains XX.log and Summary.log of two mode of camera MPT and Control

  • James

    I have uploaded XX and Log file of two mode of the camera in attached E-30.tar.gz
    Camera (in other OSs and under Olympus propitiatory application) could be controlled under "CONTRL" Mode not "PMT" mode. From the logs it is clear that gphoto does not recognize camera in "CONTROL" mode and "PMT" mode does not support capturing. Olympus has released an SDK for writing custom application in control mode (For Mac and Win) which is using a set of pre-compiled DLLs. I am not sure if these information could help to reverse engineer the communication protocol.

  • can you find out the usb id in CONTROL mode?

    just run lsusb

    it will need to be added to camlibs/sierra/sierra.c (near the other Olympus ids ;)


  • Anonymous

    Since I have one of these cameras(e-520) and there are 4 separate topics about them I some time to make it work.
    The cameras should support remote control and this 'mode' can be accessed if
    1 - in custom menu 1 > d disp/ / pc --- usb mode at [AUTO] means every time the cam is connected you can choose the mode CONTROL
    2 - or in the same menu as above you choose [CONTROL] instead of auto and the cam will always be in this mode.

    When you enter this mode the screen of the cam turns off and no camera button funtions anymore including the on off switch, you need to

    usb id in control mode is
    Bus 001 Device 060: ID 07b4:0110 Olympus Optical Co., Ltd

    in order for gphoto2 to be able to talk to the cam the usb storage needs to unloaded

    # sudo rmmod usb-storage

    and if you did not allow access for your user to the usb port you need sudo before the gphoto2 commands

    ~$ sudo gphoto2 -a
    Abilities for camera : Olympus E-520
    Serial port support : yes
    USB support : yes
    Transfer speeds supported :
    : 9600
    : 19200
    : 38400
    : 57600
    : 115200
    Capture choices :
    : Image
    : Preview
    Configuration support : yes
    Delete selected files on camera : yes
    Delete all files on camera : yes
    File preview (thumbnail) support : yes
    File upload support : yes

    for debug info see attached logfile-gphoto2-a-e520-control.txt

    hmm I cannot attach files...

    sudo env LANG=C gphoto2 --debug --debug-logfile=logfile-gphoto2-listconfig-e520-control.txt --list-config

    *** Error ***
    recursive calls are not supported by the sierra driver! Please contact <>.

    for debug info see attached logfile-gphoto2-listconfig-e520-control.txt

    I don't know what information needs to be given to the developers in order for them to make the next step. But I could try to give a hand here.

    thnx in advance for your time and effort

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  • you can send me email to e.g.

    it would be helpful if you could capture a USB trace under windows. , there download and use SnoopyPro.exe

  • neuromorphic

    Hi. I've been given access to an Olympus E-620 for use in a science project that I'm about to start working on. I've been provided with Olympus Studio on OSX, but the project will be ongoing and last quite some time, and I'd much prefer to do the work in Linux, and to spend the time learning and using floss apps rather than Olympus Studio etc. I don't have any experience with digital photography or photo editing, but if there's any data you would like me to provide in order to get this software working with the E-620, then just let me know what you need.



  • a windows USB Trace of such a successful capture would really really help here.

    windows tool e.g.:

  • Peter

    I have an E620 which I have just tried on Windows 7 with the Olympus Studio trial. I could not get SnoopyPro to work but I did succeed with a trial of UBLyser. If I can figure out how to attach a file to this you can have a USB trace (as an html file I am afraid) of the studio software first detecting the camera and then capturing an image.

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