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  • Committed [r14912]

    L12 is capture capable

  • Posted a comment on ticket #978 on gPhoto

    is the preview still running after capture-image is callerd? can you add perhaps...

  • Modified ticket #978 on gPhoto

    Manualfocusdrive has no effect on my 5D III

  • Modified ticket #108 on gPhoto

    File saved on system takes more space than the one saved on camera.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #108 on gPhoto

    I am guessing the file you are looking at has two jpegs after each other for osme...

  • Committed [r14911]

    Nikon J and V can apparently only do 100e stand...

  • Committed [r14910]

    updated megapixels.

  • Committed [r14909]

    update to current state

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