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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1512 on libmtp

    id added to git for the 1.1.11 releae, thanks for the report!

  • Modified ticket #1512 on libmtp

    Allview Energy P5 unknown

  • Committed [67020a]

    allview energy p5

  • Committed [aac750]

    in read, use the maxpacket from the device, not...

  • Modified ticket #1511 on libmtp

    Superspeed MTP getfile failed for a 500-byte file

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1511 on libmtp

    hmm, we should use the maximum packetsize we already use in getpacket. can you try...

  • Modified ticket #203 on libmtp

    Connecting a Meizu Pro causes segfault

  • Posted a comment on ticket #203 on libmtp

    well, it should not segfault, even if the name is not fully correct. could you get...

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