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  • Committed [r15347]

    render opcodes from nikon canon and sony in deb...

  • Committed [r15346]

    forgotten commit from 2.5.7.

  • Modified ticket #1005 on gPhoto

    -ldns_sd is dropped when using --as-needed

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1005 on gPhoto

    i disabled zeroconf support in the ptpip driver some years ago already, but forgot...

  • Committed [r15345]

    remove multicast dns sd linking from here.

  • Modified ticket #1002 on gPhoto

    Cannot set download file name

  • Modified ticket #1004 on gPhoto

    Please clarify in README or INSTALL about being safe or not to clean .la files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1004 on gPhoto

    You can verify it still works by doing gphoto2 --list-cameras afterwards ;)

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