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#1385 "update" refuses to overwrite backup file

Karl Ratzsch

The "update" command refuses to overwrite an existing ".old" backup of the parameter file:

# just copy&paste to reproduce
set print "test1"
print "a=1"
set print

update "test1" # "test1" is copied to "test1.old" and afterwards updated
update "test1" # throws following error:

The backup file test1.old already exists and will not be overwritten.
 error during fit

This is in both latest windows testing binaries (465 and 50alpha, the later without the "error during fit"), but i think the problem is somewhat older.
Also gp465 still (see ) throws misleading error messages around "update", reported file names are incorrect and the "error during fit" thing shown above is nonsense.


  • Karl Ratzsch
    Karl Ratzsch

    From looking at the code this definitely seems to be intended behaviour.
    I´ve just submitted a patch that updates the docs to reflect this.

    Still the errormessages in gp46 should get fixed.

  • Doc update in CVS for version 5. Also, if the parameter file does not exist, 4.6 now emits a proper error messages.

    • labels: --> fit, update
    • status: open --> pending-wont-fix