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129 STM32 template project incorrectly checks data_end_guard open-accepted Olegs 2014-11-04 2014-11-14  
128 Removing the Peripheral view does not remove monitors open-accepted Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-10-21 2014-10-21  
127 [Ubuntu 64] Eclipse seems to be freezing for a few seconds in C/C++ Luna SR1 when opening Settings page. pending-postponed Iulia Vasii 2014-10-21 2014-10-21  
119 Eclipse Plug-in: Win 8.1: Error in services launch sequence: The directory name is invalid open-accepted David Wood 2014-07-24 2014-10-12  
115 Packs remove does not update other views open-accepted Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-07-16 2014-07-16  
114 changing linker files does not cause a link step open-accepted Erich Styger 2014-07-13 2014-07-13  
107 Error in the 'Other Options' field of the OpenOCD section under the Debugger tab results in debug launch hang up open-accepted Stephen Davey 2014-04-25 2014-09-02  
93 Warning after renaming project. open-postponed Iulia Vasii 2014-02-26 2014-04-12  
92 Sometimes cannot see "Binaries" after building project open-postponed Iulia Vasii 2014-02-26 2014-11-11  
90 "Problem Occurred" after renaming project and building all configurations open-postponed Iulia Vasii 2014-02-25 2014-04-12  
81 post-build steps and secondary targets do not play well together open-postponed Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-02-05 2014-09-10  
28 Tool conflict in tool chain editor open-postponed Peter Horn 2010-07-08 2014-08-18  
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