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bindings 2012-11-14 gdemont [r167] Some project gardening...
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test 2008-04-05 gdemont [r65] quick Visual's ID search implemented (Map_of_Vi...
tools 2014-08-24 gdemont [r176] (more on the release scripts...)
g3d_work.xls 2011-07-10 gdemont [r149] Removed old Display_face, emulated with First_F...
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Read Me

Welcome to GLOBE_3D, the GL Object Based Engine for 3D in Ada.

Please refer to GLOBE_3D_Info.html for the documentation!

If you are really in a hurry, skip the documentation page,
go to the demo directory and pick an appropriate project file:

The upload's date appear in the _Upload_version_[date].txt file.