#3 Checkboxes confusing on 2.6.5


I have just updated from Gimp 2.6.4 to Gimp 2.6.5. The UI changes look good, but the new checkbox handling is very confusing: on mouseover, the checkbox displays *the state it would have when clicked*. This means that the displayed state with the mouse over the checkbox is exactly the opposite to the current state. With the mouse over a currently deselected checkbox or its label, it is displayed as checked; clicking the checkbox (selecting the underlying value) immediately changes the displayed state to unchecked. The correct state is only displayed when moving the mouse away from the checkbox and label. I find this very confusing, and have made mistakes as a result.

Example: select the crop tool, and watch the behaviour when changing the settings "current layer only" and "Allow growing".


  • sjb

    This is apparently a theme problem (I didn't think to check that before); it is a problem with the Leopard theme, but switching to the GlossyP or Tiger themes resolves it.

  • oops, sorry,you're right, this shouldn't happen.. This is really very confusing. Same goes for radiobuttons..

    A new package will be online in a few hours, which will fix the theme.

    Sorry, for the inconveniece.

  • This issue is now fixed in 2..5-p1 for Leopard system. Tiger builds will follow soon...

    • status: open --> closed-fixed