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GeomSpace 0.13

It's time to present GeomSpace 0.13. Features: new .gms text file format for models. It allows you to see (and carefully modify) model file with average text editor. Pressing on Help button opens User Guide. Ctrl/Cmd key exchanges mouse buttons functionality. It is useful with one button mouse.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2014-03-17

GeomSpace 0.12

It's time for a new release. For now it is primarily a bug-fix release. A good news is that OS X version is now stable. Some interesting models are added.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2013-07-22

Analytic Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces - update

Chapter 5 and 7 are greatly reworked. In English version, part 1 (that is, the theory essence) is complete.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2013-05-26

English version of "Homogeneous", new models

Please find (incomplete) English version of "Analytic Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces" in Theory folder as well as 2 new models: 5Octa.gmsp, Minkowski.gmsp in Models folder.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2013-01-19 Labels: Book Model

Activity at GeomSpace

As several months passed without single message, it may seem the project is dormant. It just isn't the case. I prepared several new GMSP models which will soon be uploaded and I prepare new version of GeomSpace. It will correctly treat limit lineals. The most of the time I was busy preparing "Analytic Theory of Homogeneous Spaces".

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-11-14

Homogeneous almost complete

The Russian version of "Analytic Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces" is almost done. It not only explains the theory in rigurous manner, but significally extends it compared to "Uniform Theory of Geometric Spaces". I started to translate it into English.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-11-14

New version of "Homogeneous"

Extended version. Now it has 100 pages (22 more then previous one). Also the title was changed from "Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces" to "Analytic geometry of Homogeneous Spaces" due to the fact almost all available books about geometry of homogeneous spaces use differential geometry approach.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-08-27

GeomSpace 0.11a

This is a working version for Windows XP.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-07-24

New models

Many new 2-dimensional models are now available. Hope, they will help understanding the difference between Elliptic, Euclidean and Hyperbolic planes.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-06-23

GeomSpace 0.11

In this release Mac OS X and Windows versions become more attractive. New features include fully localized user interface and session management.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-06-20

Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces

New book is available in Theory folder (for now, only in Russian). This book content is similar to "Uniform Theory of Geometric Spaces", but it has more rigorous mathematic style, has many additional material and is planned to be continuous work in progress. When some parts of it will be more stable, they will be translated in English.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-06-04

What's new in the next version?

Much work is done to prepare GeomSpace 0.11. The key feature will be internationalization support and settings saving / restoring. Currently, only English, German, Russian and Romanian languages are prepared, but anyone can contribute with translation without necessity to recompile from the sources. Also special attention is payed to address stability issues.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-04-15

GeomSpace 0.10

It is time to present GeomSpace 0.10. It is the first version tagged as "Beta". GeomSpace was ported to FLTK user interface to address unsolved past issues. The Windows port was divided into 32 and 64 variants and a new Mac OS X port was added (it is still rather buggy). From now on I hope new releases will appear more frequently.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-01-30

GeomSpace next version

Hello all. After several months of mastering new GUI toolkit (FLTK), next GeomSpace version is almost ready. All programing stuff is done. The only remaining issues are to prepare User Manual, Developer Manual and to compile the program for all platforms. GeomSpace 0.10 will have 2 more versions: Windows64 and long awaited Mac OS X.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2012-01-06

GeomSpace 0.9b

As many of you pointed out, model save feature was broken. It is fixed in new release. Also fixed application crash on mouse wheel rotation when space is one-dimensional.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-09-16

GeomSpace 0.9a

Corrected version of GeomSpace 0.9. Fixed measure for some spaces and Windows file browser.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-07-23

GeomSpace 0.9

It's time to present GeomSpace version 0.9. New measure feature and file browser crash fix. Hopefully, it will be the last Alpha release.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-07-21

Future plans

Next GeomSpace release will feature (hopefully) measure of distances and angles and will be the last Alpha release. In the first Beta, GLUI user interface will be replaced by more mature, still very light and portable, FLTK.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-05-30

FreeBSD port usage

In order to compile and / or run GeomSpace on FreeBSD platform you really need to install freeglut. In case glut is already installed (it conflicts with freeglut) you may force installing freeglut, as it essentially extends glut's capacity being backward compatible.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-04-29

GeomSpace 0.8

New version is out. Finally, transform feature was added. Much improved model loading time. Enjoy!

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-03-13

New models at project website

Please, be informed that new models are available for download in "Models" folder of project website. Some of them are heavy (loading time is about one minute or more), but no one is known to break GeomSpace.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-03-08

GeomSpace 0.7

This release brings much anticipated GeomSpace own binary file format. Now you can open, modify, save and redistribute geometric models. Some of them are available in Models folder of project site.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-02-12

GeomSpace 0.6

It's time to release GeomSpace 0.6. With this version you can do real job of finding point coordinates and lineal repers. A new quick help info box is now available. Geometry transform feature isn't completed, so it will be postponed to next (hopefully) version. All versions except FreeBSD ones use explicitely freeglut instead of glut.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2011-01-16

Bits from admin

In order to keep you informed on what's going on, please be informed that GeomSpace now works correctly with non-orientable spaces (a little trick with OpenGL). Now I'm busy working on finishing implementation of geometry motion.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2010-12-23

Uniform Theory of Geometric Spaces

New update. Many new color pictures, Hyper-linked text, rewritten introduction and bibliography, several text additions.

Posted by Alexandru Popa 2010-11-02