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GemRB 0.2.3 released

Hi all,

your long waiting is over, a new release of GemRB is here! It's not as Stable-And-Bugfree (tm) as we have hoped, but at least it's done. Please read release notes and a thread about 0.2.3 on our forums before reporting problems.

Highlights of this release:

New features:
- GUI for most of the games, especially interactive Inventory and Spellbook
- Map and WorldMap
- Load screen interstitials with progress bar
- Spell and item cache to speed up object management
- Added gamescript actions/triggers
- Selection of spells during character generation
- First attempt on effects code
- First attempt on Fog-Of-War
- Tooltips
- Overhead text
- Ambient sounds
- Volume control
- Manual page gemrb(1)
- Documentation for GemRB Python API and our custom override files... read more

Posted by Jarda Benkovsky 2005-02-17

GemRB Released

After exactly a month from the latest version, we finally released the Version.

This new release includes a lot of Bug Fixes and many new features.
Now you'll be able to travel through areas, you're no more stuck in the Game's starting area.

We added support for Dialogues (actually implemented only via script) and improved the In-Game Script Engine. Now the starting CutScenes are working almost perfectly (still need to implement some additional features and to fix a problem with the CutSceneID Action).
GemRB v0.2.2.8 features a GAME File Importer which loads the starting game file (this means that, for example, in BG2, Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Yoshimo, etc... are now present in the game)... read more

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2004-01-23

GemRB v0.2.2.6 is Out

Many new Features has been included.
We Removed the old FMOD Audio Driver and Introduced a new OpenAL Audio Driver.

Check the ChangeLog for more informations.


Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-12-20

GemRB v0.2.2.0 is out

We Released a full CVS Snapshot for Linux and Windows users, and a Binary Win32 Release.

The new release features:
- Major Bug Fixed: Never Freeing Plugin Instances
- A fully working BG2 Character Generation GUI
- Basic IWD/IWD2/BG1 GUI Implementation
- Now you can Enter the Main Area after the Character Generation
- Colored Characters
- Basic Character Selection
- Basic Door Manipulation (Open/Close state)
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Interactive Console
and Much More.

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-11-30

GemRB v0.2.1.6b for Windows

Here is the last GemRB version for Windows.
This package includes Scripts for:
- Baldur's Gate
- Baldur's Gate 2
- IceWind Dale 2

This package requires Python 2.3 to be installed on yor system.

Enjoy!! :-)

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-11-16

New Linux Source Code Released

The latest GemRB version ( comes with many new features and a new and faster Font Blitter.

We are working to the GUI Games Scripts, in this package we included scripts for:

* Baldur's Gate
* Baldur's Gate 2
* IceWind Dale 2

The scripts are not finished but you can enjoy them and maybe learn the GUI Scripting :-)

Since one of our first purposes is the "Easy Modding", we choosed to add some 2DA Files to make GemRB more customizable. These files are in the "override" directory. There is no need to copy them in the Game's Override directory since GemRB checks for them directly into it's folder.... read more

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-11-14

New Demo Available

This time our Demo will show you many of the GUI Driver features.
In this demo you can surf in many of the Baldur's Gate 2 Menus, you can also start the Character Generation and Roll your Character Abilities :)

Stay Tuned!!!

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-11-06

New Scource Code Available

The latest Source Code is now available for download.
Added Features:
- GUI Driver
- Controls now support Events Handling
- Events Manager
- Many Bug Fixes

Stay Tuned

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-10-17

New CVS Repository Structure

Finally I managed to have only one source code that works on Linux and Windows. I modified the structure of the CVS Repository. If you want to know more about this change, visit our Home Page!

Stay Tuned

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-10-15

New Linux Source Code Release

Some new Features added:
- Many Bug Fixes
- Added Shaded Animation Support
- Added Font Renderer (not used in the Demo)
- Added IDS Importer Module (not used in the Demo)

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-10-11

Linux Source Code Availabe

Yes, we released our first Linux Source Code. This package was created from the latest CVS update.
I'll checkout this module as soon as I can.

Stay Tuned

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-10-05

First Demo Available

Finally we have our first Demo application online.
It works under Windows and is compatible with Baldur's Gate 1 / 2.... don't know if works with others, probably not, you may always try :)

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-10-03

IRC Channel

New GemRB has it's own IRC Channel.

IRC Server:
Channel: #GemRB

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-10-01

Project Homepage is On-line

Finally we have the Project Web Site online. From now on the news will be posted on the Web Site.

I also set up a new Forum. Many of the Release announcements will be posted on the forum, so take a look!! ^_^

Stay Tuned

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-09-25

GemRB Project is starting again

After a long time of total inactivity GemRB Starts again, with a brand new plugin architecture. Additional detail about the new Plugin Architecture and the SDK will come in the next few hours.

Stay Tuned

Posted by Daniele Collantoni 2003-09-17