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  • Committed [e74606]

    Small CHUI improvements

  • Committed [b7b998]

    Add defaults for some signatures

  • Committed [462703]

    Add Format and Stream minor improvements

  • Committed [26c1d6]

    Fix several missing self's in dlg_debugger

  • Committed [455e97]

    Convert to a class

  • Committed [fec46b]

    Fix for regression caused by 770499

  • Committed [31ab3e]

    Return self in

  • Committed [770499]

    Do not hide IOError in mainloop

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2000-11-01 20:40:17


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  • Project Logo Battalion Manager for miniature wargames rosters Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Clippy   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo GemRB Game Engine GemRB is a portable open-source implementation of the Infinity Engine Last Updated:
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