#15 GDCM fails to recognize DICOM file as MR image

Sean McBride

We have a DICOM file where GDCM warns (on both Intel and PPC):

Warning: In /GDCM/Source/MediaStorageAndFileFormat/gdcmPixmapReader.cxx, line 170, function <unknow>
Attempting to read this file as a DICOM file
Desperate attempt

Warning: In /GDCM/Source/DataStructureAndEncodingDefinition/gdcmMediaStorage.cxx, line 301, function <unknow>
Does not know what:

The OFFIS folks said:

"the reason for the private DCMTK SOP class is quite simple: The data element
SOP Class UID (0008,0016) was missing in the DICOM dataset, so the DCMTK
tool that was used to create the DICOM file added the private SOP class to
the file meta information header (usually, the value is copied from the

Looking into the file, it seems that it should be an MR image. Therefore, I
added the SOP Class UID element with the value of the MR Image Storage SOP
class (1.2.840.10008. to the file and updated the meta header
using the DCMTK tool dcmodify. Also the SOP Instance UID (0008,0018) was
missing in the original file, so I generated a new one (again, using dcmodify).

Please find enclosed the new DICOM file with the missing data elements added
to it. I think it is obvious that the original file (without SOP Class UID
and SOP Instance UID) does not conform to the requirements of the DICOM
standards. These data elements should always be present with a valid value
(called "type 1" attributes in DICOM language)!"

So this DICOM file is not conformant, but other software can display it properly.

I cannot share the DICOM file in this public bug. Contact me privately.


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  • Lowering priority. I do not believe this is a bug as such, changing to feature request.

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