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Ganib is a free online open source project management software which gives you immense flexibility to handle your projects.

Plan Work:

Break your project into smaller tasks and simplify them. Schedule and assign your project activities using various scheduling options and Gantt Chart views.

Plan Work

Real Time:

Use the desktop time tracking application to track the time your team spends on each task.

Real Time


Use the agile scrums in Ganib to communicate and share ideas, comments and other relevant data with your team located in the same room or across the globe.



Stay in touch with Ganib 24 x 7. Get up to the minute email notifications on every activity performed in your project. Create new tasks in your project through mails.

Report tool:

Get at a glance view of your project in various dimensions. Dig down and optimize your work more with the help of stunning 2D charts and reports.

Report Tool


Associate your Microsoft Project plan with Ganib project plan. Make use of Pages, Blogs and Discussions to communicate with your team in a single chain. Import and Export your plans in Microsoft project through Ganib.


Use the dynamic lists and create forms in Ganib for entering, retrieving as well as maintaining data.


Bug Tracking:

Track down the bugs in your system by using different Ganib features.