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#38 ncurses interface should remember parameters from last run

Ken Yap

The ncurses interface forgets some of the entered parameters (like username and password) in between runs of g4l (not reboots, I know it's a in-memory Linux system). It should save these in a file somewhere so that when you reenter g4l from the command line it reuses the previous parameters by default.


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    That would be possible, but would have to look at it. The options are parsed thru files in the /tmp directory, but having it check each one would require some code. Generally, what I have done, is use the front end option, where it downloads a script from the ftp server that has most of the options already set. This includes the fg4l and other versions, that cam encrypt or place the script in a users directory. I also have it make the filename to include the date, so it is simple to make versions of backups. I also generally don't run another version of the script, but use the cancel option to go back and change things if I am backing up partitions.