FreeNFSE for Windows (For Linux based Embedded Clients)

Slight problem held from release. I hate last minute problems.

Description: FreeNFSE - NFS 2.0 & 3.0 for Windows. Intended for Linux Embedded Systems Clients.
Operating System: Windows XP and Above
Memory: 4,148 Nothing Major
Storage Space: < 1MB Nothing Major
Executable Type: 32 bit x86
NFS Versioning: 2.0 and 3.0

This is the FreeNFS server, with a twist. If you set a shared files attribute to hidden, FreeNFSE will note this and mark it to the client as executable. This will allow smaller storage limited systems to keep the executables on a windows server.

This of course is not limited to linux based systems, but to all embedded systems.

Thanks to Berwyn of for beta testing this, with his embedded system.

Initial Release, Branched from FreeNFS Core

Released: Sept. 9th, 2012
Lawrence E. Smith
Jacksonville, Mo 65260 USA

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-09-11