#765 Edit Note window on Right


I think having the option to dock the edit note window to the right hand side of the main viewport would be quite useful for a number of reasons:
- users with widescreens have much more horizontal room than vertical room
- lists with short phrases do not occupy my room horizontally but more vertical real estate would allow more of the list to be viewable without scrolling
- paragraphs can be difficult to read when the column width is too high and the number of words on each line is too high.


  • Anonymous

    Freemind with notes and the ability to export to .odt format is a hugely powerful tool for writing structurally complex documents. However, I use it infrequently because I cannot place the Notes Window on the right and it's too irritating to constantly be scrolling up and down which is what happens with the Notes Window at the bottom of the screen.

    The vast majority of screens are shaped Landscape, not Portrait and I would that Freemind reflect this by allowing the Notes Window to be positioned on the right.

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  • Hi,

    implemented in 1.0.0 RC3.

    HTH, Chris

    • Status: open --> closed
    • Owner: dpolivaev --> christianfoltin
  • Andras Soltesz
    Andras Soltesz

    This is a much needed feature.

    I am using 1.0 but can't seem to locate the setting which puts the Note panel to the right.

    Chris: Could you please clarify, how it was implemented and how the user can set the panel to appear to the right?

    • Hi,

      preferences -> Appearence -> third from above: position of note panel.

      HTH, Chris