Having stumbled upon a couple of blog articles about mind mapping I recently decided to follow the advice and try out mind mapping techniques to manage my projects. I thus started looking for the right program to use.

First I tried out XMind, and even thought it seemed to work, I didn't like it very much. I could create maps fairly easily, but the whole application seemed quite bloated and slow, and I felt that the many graphical and stylistic options were more a distraction than an useful asset to me, as were the advanced features which I had no use for. I needed something simpler, leaner and cleaner.

I considered trying out MindJet's MindManager, but I really wanted something which would run in Linux as well as Windows, since I often travel with nothing but a little Acer netbook which is running Ubuntu 10.04.

Fortunately I soon discovered FreeMind, and immediately fell in love with it.

FreeMind is just perfect for me: it does exactly what I need it to, it does it in a way which feels perfectly natural to me, it sports a very clean interface with no distracting elements and it is extremely fast. Plus it is portable, and open source! I have used this program only for a couple of days, but I already feel that it is a crucial tool for me to achieve maximum productivity.

I love the thought that a bunch of people came together and decided, without any monetary incentive, to devote their time and energy to give us the gift of such an elegant and useful tool, which no doubt will prove useful to hundreds of thousands if not millions of persons all over the world. I look forward to using FreeMind for the rest of my life, and I will no doubt introduce it to many, many people.

Thank you, FreeMind developers!
*bows before you*