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A few ideas for UX improvement

  • Pat


    I recently discovered Freemind and have been finding it very useful for organising my ideas and work.

    Here are a few suggestions that could improve the overall user experience.

    Navigation and Node Re-ordering Toolbar

    A set of navigation and ordering buttons on a dedicated toolbar would be useful. Re-ordering nodes in node stacks and flipping nodes to the left or right of the parent node would become more intuitive.

    With a dedicated toolbar for these functions, users could experiment and learn simply by selection a node and clicking on the toolbar buttons.

    Colour Toolbar

    By utilising a dedicated 'node decoration' toolbar, setting the shape and colouring of each node would become easier. The colour toolbar would allow users to 'paint' their nodes very quickly, without having to resort to right-click menus.

    This toolbar would allow users to do several things, either via drop down menus or directly with dedicated icons per function.

    - Users could set the shape of selected nodes.
    - Users could set the background colour of selected nodes.
    - Users could set the stroke weight (edge width) of selected nodes.
    - Users could set the stroke colour of selected nodes.


    By expanding on the toolbar functions available, the entire program would become even easier to use.

    Finally, a selection marquee would be useful for quickly selection multiple nodes.

    Many thanks for creating the program. I hope some of these suggestions will make it into the final build one day. :)