New testversion: FreeMind 0.8.0 RC2

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  • Dear FreeMinders,

    it is a pleasure to announce that the second release candidate for the next release has been put to the testversions directory

    Please test this version, *finish the translations* and inform me about any issue.

    Striking new features include:
    * Time Management Plugin that shows a calendar and allows reminders for given dates and times.

    Other changes to RC1 and to Beta4 are listed below.

    The version can be found in the CVS using the label 'fm_0_8_0_rc2'.

    Happy FreeMinding,


    * New from Eric.
    * Arrow moves with the mouse are undoable now.
    * mm files can be associated with FM under Mac OSX now.
    * Patch for icons in patterns integrated. Thanks to the community.
    * Bug fix: FoldAll bug removed.
    * Delayed selection is back (due to Dimitris wish).
    * Introduced Dimitris patch on not synchronized Edit-Boxes. Thanks to Dimitri.
    * Introduced Dans Resource changes.
    * Adjusted popup menus
    * Bug fix: Class Loader generation is now cached.
    * New external plugin: time management. It is now possible to add dates to nodes and
      to schedule resubmissions, which remind at a certain date to a given node.

    * japanese traduction revision introduced.
    * new state icons (look for reminders)
    * tooltips may occur more than one
    * bug fix: move of nodes with created/modified information
    * bug fix: created/modified info appears directly.
    * bug fix: upper case and xml (for the turkish version)
    * bug fix: Find and Find Next work again.

    * plugin data survive even when the plugin is not present.
    * bug fix: reminders can be deleted and changed.
    * Reminder have hours and minutes now.
    * bug fix: reminders are undoable now.
    * bug fix: Time Management Window has a title now.

    * enhanced german translation.
    * timed out nodes are selected.

    As RC1 was not so properly announced, we put its changes here:

    RC 1
    * Bug fix: Cut/Paste
    * New translations chinese and russian.

    * Bug fix: Drag'n'Drop to children nodes with total loss is no longer possible.

    * New Feature: encrypted nodes introduced (DON'T RELY ON THIS ENCRYPTION. IT IS WEAK BECAUSE IT IS PASSWORD BASED!)
    * New Feature: HTML export III enhanced by a clickable image map.
    * Bug fix: export unsaved maps.
    * Import actions are new undoable.
    * Join node is undoable
    * Split node is undoable
    * Two new portugese translations (thanks to the authors).
    * New Feature: Encrypted Maps (and not only encrpyted nodes).
    * Icons for encryption improved
    * Bug fix: docu map for mac os x.

    * Bug fix for the moving node bug provided by Dimitri. Thanks!
    * Icons revised. Now, mostly come along in 16x16 format and are taken from /usr/share/icons/crystalsvg/16x16/...

    * Encrypted nodes store their randomly generated salt. This salt is changed each time the map is saved.
    * Wrong passwords produce a dialog.
    * Menu structure revised.
    * Bug fix: Toggle children corrected
    * Debugging removed from encrypted nodes.
    * Popup menu: format actions added.

    * GTK and free form as look and feel added
    * Export menus revised.
    * Merged new version from Miika Nurminen. Thanks!
    * Merged the new splash screen from Marc Carson. Thanks.
    * Bug fix for: For editing long nodes I could set el__enter_confirms_by_default = false.
    * Bug fix: Show revisions in yellow. Thanks to michaelschwarz.
    * Bug fix: packaging under linux.
    * Bug fix: Quit and Cancel under Macintosh.
    * Bug fix: Toggle encrypted nodes for unencrypted nodes give an error message.

    • WRomey

      Great Release! Especially the calendar-tool! I have testet it under Windows XP, the test under Debian Linux will follow. Everything works just fine

      But by the way, where on the way to 0.8 did you drop the editor-tool? That is by now the only feature I am missing.

      Thanx for the great work.


    • KarmaSource

      Thanks for all the work and freemind goodness. I have one bug so far. A little black dot appears under the cursor/node as you move from node to node. The dot appears about a half sec after the cursor selects (hovers over) a node and only appear below (and within the width of) the node when selected. This prob. does not exist any any previous version. I am running on XP SP2.

      Very strange... reminds me of a Police song. ;)

    • Hi Karmasource,

      I don't have the minimal idea, where the dot comes from.

      I would like all other users to inform me about the issue on their boxes.


    • Antonimo

      I saw the same little dot on Windows 2000 Pro - Java 1.5.0

      I played around with it for a while and then the dot disappeared. I tried closing and restarting  FM but no more dot. Later on it just appeared again...

      Will look to see what else is running next time the dot appears.

    • david low
      david low

      I see the dot...XP, java 1.4.2

      For me the dot appears approx 3-4 pixels under the arrow (mouse pointer), in line with the vertical line of the left side of the arrow (if that made sense) and only seems to stay for a few seconds.  It doesn't appear to interfere with anything.  It mainly shows up when I am using 'point to select' over a node, and will also do it with the delayed selection, though I haven't seen it if I select 'click to select' nodes.

      I can send a screen capture if you want


    • Arno Pucher
      Arno Pucher

      Also the dot is visible on Win XP, SP2 - java version "1.4.2_06".

      However it not that annoying...

      You mentioned a calendar plugin ... I have seen it in the plugin folder.

      To this a question since I found nothing on the documentation: How one can start a plugin ? There are SVG, HELP and now the calendar - but where to start ?

      Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but I didn't find the "plugins" mentioned anywhere in the documentation.

      • Vik Olliver
        Vik Olliver

        One thing I've seen that really helps boost the use and usefulness of plugins is a "Plugin Manager" that will download, preview and install plugins automatically on request.

        Another excellent SourceForge project in Java, ArtOfIllusion, does just this. Perhaps the manager code might be applicable to FM?

        Vik :v)

    • Hi Arno,

      the plugins are integrated. SVG/PDF under Export,
      HELP under help and Calendar under Tools (press Control + T).

      Have fun,


      PS :Dot, dot, dot...??

    • thpope

      The appearing dot looks like a tooltip trying to show.

    • Hi thpope,

      seems that you are right. It is a mini tooltip. Seems to be a bug, which is not so dramatic.

      Thank you for the contribution to all dot-finders,


      • KarmaSource

        Hmmm, what did you have in mind for the tool tip? Node annotation would be very cool. Cheers.

    • Adam Gurno
      Adam Gurno

      This is the place to report bugs?

      If a node has HTML, the 'Add Timestamp' for the calendar will not show anything as the timestamp falls outside the
      /html tag.

      • Adam Gurno
        Adam Gurno

        And before it looks like I have shown up to complain, I must add that this new version looks GREAT!  I'm very happy with the changes.  I love freemind and use it extensively.

        I was just noodling around with the new calendar thing.

        Keep up the good work!  Wish I knew Java!

    • JP

      really cool new features! local link, graphical link, images etc.

      here is some feedback
      - would be nice if it was possible to create a local link in both nodes at the same time, or at least in the node on which te menu is requested.
      - is it possible to set the default graphical link used? i like arrows on both ends.
      - it is possible that the arrowhead disappears under the textfield. i managed this by linking a righthand node to a lefthand node and then trying to reroute the link to a straight line
      - very nice indeed, but i experienced some difficulty (though not impossible) to route te link the way i like. not sure how to solve this
      - when an image is inserted the current text in the node is disgarded. also there is no </html> tag. is that correct? html contents is realy nice indeed, especially because it shows up now in the html export :-)
      - when inserting an image on a webserver (by url), the map shows a broken image, whereas the html export nicely shows the picture itself

      don't hesitate to email me on my sf address if you have questions regarding my comments, i am not a regular reader of this forum.

      hope this helps!



    • JP

      bug or feature?
      I created an encrypted node and moved an existing branch (rather large) under it. toggled the encryption on, saved the file, opened it and the password and/or whole branch got corrupted. i wasn't able to recover the branch otherwise than from the original file.

      hope this helps!

      have fun!


    • JP

      right i forgot one more remark, it looks like i am starting a mailbomb on my one, but i certainly didn't mean to :-)

      I am confused when a folded branch node has an url.
      when the branch is on the right everything seems OK:
      if you want to open the url, you click the little red arrow,
      if you want to unfold the branch you click on the text.

      when the branch however is on te left, the little red arrow is on the other side of the bubble, but now clicking the left side of the bubble (where the text is) opens the url, and clicking on the little red arrow unfolds.

      I am using the cross platform version on windows xp and
      java version "1.4.2_06"
      Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_06-b03)
      Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_06-b03, mixed mode)


    • Eric L.
      Eric L.


      the corresponding Debian packages are now available under:
      deb experimental/
      as version 0.7.9.rc2.

      Plugins are now working. Asking for feedback.

      Cheers, Eric

      • Joseph Reagle
        Joseph Reagle

        It requires blackdown-j2re1.4 | sun-j2re1.4 | j2re1.4 but my sun-j2sdk1.5_1.5.0+beta1_i386.deb should work too.

        • Eric L.
          Eric L.


          your problem should be solved with the new revision of the package (-3).

          Thanks for the feedback,

          • Eric L.
            Eric L.


            revision -4 of the package is now available. As far as I can foresee, it should be pretty much like the version to be uploaded in debian once the final 0.8.0 is out.

            Main changes:
            - jhall is not packaged anymore, because it's not free, and it has the dangerouis Sun license. jhall.jar needs to be copied under /usr/local/share/java if you want to use the help plugin. Sorry for this, but there is no other way (it could become a problem for the freemind distribution as well).
            - based on different complaints from users, I added a small utility called 'urlsee' that is now the default 'browser' used by freemind to open links. This utility really does its best to open the correct application to _see_ the link (there is a man page for details).
            I'd be really interested to hear about your experience with this utility.

            Small side note: I would feel ready to start with the RPM packaging, if I would have some visibiltiy on the release plan of 0.8.0, especially structural changes expected, and release date or RC3 planned, or not!?

            Thanks, Eric

    • Hugh Cowan
      Hugh Cowan


      I have a couple of bugs that I wish to report.  At least I think that they are bugs.

      I am currently using the 0.8.0 RC2 version of Freemind on Windows 2000, which I believe is the most up-to-date version.

      The first bug is that the keyboard short-cut to increase the font size (Ctrl + Plus) does not seem to work.  The decrease font size does however.

      The second thing that I noticed is that when copying a node's format (ALT + C), Freemind does not seem to copy or apply the nodes Font.

      It applies the font size, bold, colour, etc... but the font always reverts back to the default font of Sans-Serif.

      I don't know if this is by design or not.  Personally I would like it to copy all the formatting of a node including the font used.



    • Roland

      RC2 is great stuff - such an abundance of new features...

      no new bugs - just one idea:

      I would appreciate to have a keyboard-shortcut for encryption/decryption of a branch or an icon for that function

      Thanks to all developers

    • ORG

      Thanks for RC2.
      Maybe same bugs:
      (Ctrl +) is not working
      I can not delete Hiperlink (Insert -> Add local hiperlink), - how to delete it ?
      In HTMLs export (if file is too big) I can see empty line .
      Icons on toolbar OR add hot keys for:
      Tools -> Toggle crypted / encrypted
      To do toolbars editor for to do personal toolbars

    • Hi,

      > I can not delete Hiperlink (Insert -> Add local hiperlink), - how to delete it ?

      Just edit the hyperlink manually (type Control+K) and remove the text shown.


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