#695 Images are not shown in the Notes view


I just upgraded from 0.9.0 Beta 15 where I would include images into the Notes editor (via adding the correct <img> tag in the HTML view. This worked correctly on Beta 15 (or as expected as I would like to see a 'Add image option' in the notes menu options), but the image is not show in Beta 19 (just a HTML missing image icon is shown).

Interestingly, the image is included in exports (ie to HTML, etc), and can be added to nodes (rather than notes).


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    Just check Beta 16 and it works, looks like a break in either Beta 17 or 18. Maybe just as simple as the SimpleHtml component not looking in the correct directory (i.e. the directory where the mm file is saved)?

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    Tools.URL fileToUrl(File pFile) :
    Images referenced from documents with bases given by
    pFile.toURI().toURL() are not shown in SimplyHTML
    (bug [ freemind-Bugs-2019223 ] Images are not shown in the Notes view)
    => the old method pFile.toURL() must be used again.

    Now everything works again, but I reassign it to Chris so that he can find another solution if he likes.


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  • This is fixed in Beta 20.

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