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#38 drpython.pyw and easy traceback handling


Until now, I started drpython mostly with,
because of easily to see the traceback.
It is annoying to have 2 windows (console and drpython).
So with more stability of drpython, I think, I can more
often start
with pyw.
So without renouncing of catching every traceback and
the redirect plugin, I want to find an easy solution:

So redirect to a output file

for example:
app = drpython.DrApp(redirect = 1, filename =
print "-----------------------"
print "New Start: hi, today is 28.02.2005; 12:50"

Open questions:
* would be cool, to have 2 files ? for print statements
or other (stdout) one file
and for std_err a drpython.err file in the root or homedir.

* Appending every new start a separator like
drpython, start date, time

and appending the traceback with date time

* Option: clear every time the old drpython.err or not.

* Pay attention at the end of drpython session (onclose),
if one entry is present in the drpython.err and pop
that file up?
Scrolledmessagedialog (?)

This would very pleasant.


    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • status: open --> closed