#15 Ctrl + Drag'n'Drop should copy text

Matthew Thornley

Currently, the user can set the "Drag and Drop Text
Mode" to be Cut or Copy. It would be much more
convenient to automatically copy the text when the Ctrl
key is being held down while dropping. If Ctrl is not
being held down, then the text should be cut.


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    This is done for the next version. (I still have some work
    to do before release).

    I considered making the modifier key a pref, but that turned
    out to be quite messy. So it is Control. You can choose
    the default behaviour in prefs (Cut or Copy), and the other
    behaviour will be used when Control is down.

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    Okay, glad hear that. I assume that the need for the extra
    complexity is due to different conventions on different
    platforms. On Windows it would be fine to have Ctrl+drop do
    a copy and for there to be no Drag And Drop preferences. You
    are sure to hear from a number of confused Windows users who
    haven't discovered the Drag And Drop preferences.

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    The default behaviour will be cut, and ctrl+drop does a
    copy. If people want to change that, they can, but users
    who don't look at the prefs will find it works just as you

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    Fresh out of the box, the default Drag And Drop Mode is
    "Drag: Files Only, Drop: Files and Text". In this mode,
    dragging text from within DrPython does nothing, which
    forces the user to modify Preferences to get DrPython to
    behave as one would expect an editor to behave (at least on
    Windows). Furthermore, the default Drag and Drop Text Mode
    is "Copy", so it also has to be changed to get the expected
    behaviour. I'm glad that DrPython can be configured to
    behave as I want it, but I'm curious what the rational for
    all this complexity is.

    BTW, when text is being dragged, the cursor should be set to
    the current mouse position so that the user can tell where
    the text will be dropped. Compare with SciTE to see what I mean.

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    I have this set by default, because I have found drag and
    drop in a text editor for programs to be potentially very
    confusing, especially for new users. However, as with all
    such options, I am open to discussion on this. So I will
    start a thread in the forum, and see what people think the
    default should be.