lnk files

  • Sweet googlymoogly.

    I had been playing around with the bytes in Jesse Hager's pdf when I came across Rolf Howarth's page of genius.

    A quick scan through his perl code gave me precisely what I needed. (smb2web)  Its the samba bit.

    Now I can add windows shortcut support to the file dialog!  Wooo!  I have no way of testing the network bit, so I may need some help (any people on a windows network?).  I also plan on adding kde entries (.desktop I believe).

    This is much better than having people download win32api just for .lnk support (plus, it should work fine on linux too, which would be nice for dual booters).  (The code is pure python.)

    So, onto the work of actually integrating this, details, etc.  Next up will be the drag and drop debacle.

    Looks like I will be churning out a 3.7.0.

    (Basically what Rolf did was to scan the file for strings of printable characters, and then check those for valid paths using regex.  There is also some brief bit checking for a few flags about the location.)

    • Looks like I will stick to windows with this.
      I've inserted it, and for local links (files and directories), it works perfectly.  I haven't tested network.

      On linux, the problem is figuring out how the linked drive is mounted (or if it is).

      Perhaps I could read some /etc stuff.  Of course I'd have no idea how that would work on a mac, so for now I think I will leave it to windows.