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Editing XML

  • Peter Mayne
    Peter Mayne

    I'd like to edit XML documents with syntax highlighting. HTML syntax highlighting is close, but because the tags are generally not HTML tags, they are detected as unknown, and therefore the attributes don't get highlighted properly.

    Also, XML documents tend to have different extensions. For instance, Zope X3 config files are .zcml, and Zope templates are .pt. Currently I can get around this by editing the value of self.refiletypeishtml in drpython.py, but a mechanism for adding extensions would be good. Failing that, I can't find a way to set a shortcut for setting the syntax highlighting.


    • I am not that familiar with xml.

      Is there a set of static tags?  If so, adding them
      would be trivial.

      Being able to set the extensions for each file is definitely something I should add to prefs.

    • Peter Mayne
      Peter Mayne

      Think of it as HTML where *all* of the tags and attributes are unknown.

    • ugh, as I thought.  fortunarely, this has nothing at all to do with the problem at hand.  File extensions will be included as well.