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Wine 1.5.23-27 release

Hello, a new build of Wine is being uploaded as we speak (type). Some new patches to the WineHQ git repository broke my ability to compile last week. After some updates to XCode, XCode command line tools, and osxwinebuilder we're back and running.

If you didn't know all the builds here are weekly captures from the wine-git repository with "bleeding edge" updates. No other big updates to how we build, except osxwinebuilder now compiles the correct version of dosbox - unfortunately I'm not automatically exporting the DOSBOX path, so you won't see that it actually works unless you export it yourself. Expect that to be fixed next week. ... read more

Posted by jeremiah 2013-02-06

Wine 1.5.22-124 OSX release

Ok, I uploaded a new package this morning base on a build of Wine from the WineHQ git repository.

This includes any additions in the upsteam WineHQ announcement (
- New version of the Gecko engine.
- Beginnings of the Mac graphics driver.
- Support for ARM64 platforms.
- Fixes for RTL text in Uniscribe.
- Various bug fixes.

Specific to the bundle package and installer (v1.1)
- improved run command added to start menu
- installer adds "wine" command line alias... read more

Posted by jeremiah 2013-01-26 Labels: wine release

OS X Bundle Sources

Sources are uploaded for WineApp. This is a NetBeans project that will generate a OS X App using the build.xml ANT script, copy Wine binaries into the App, and put the App into a DMG installer.

This project assumes the wine "bin" "etc" "include" "lib" "man" "sbin" and "share" directories are in the "~/wine/wine-git" folder.

Posted by jeremiah 2013-01-21

New OSX Bundle

A new bundle is being uploaded as we speak. The DMG image fairly large, but this appears to be because of all the extra libraries brought in with the OSXbuilder ( for added functionality.

Give it a try and let me know if there are any issues. This is an initial release so expect an improved app and installer. Expect source code and ANT script for the bundle soon.

Posted by jeremiah 2013-01-21

Progress on Bundle

The new bundle is almost ready. I've only used it on my computer & I still have a bit more to do before having others try it on their Macs.

It's currently based on Wine 1.5.17 from the git repository, a custom version of MacOSXbuilder, and a Java App bundle with some ANT scripts. Expect the app to be posted within the week with the JAVA and ANT code.

Posted by jeremiah 2013-01-13

Working on new OSX Bundle

I'm trying to get an App bundle working again. Changes to how newer versions of OS X handle C code for Wine and Java for the App bundle have been driving me nuts. It's as if Apple doesn't care about developers anymore. More to come.

I was out of the country (with long hours and no time off) for a good part of last year and also taking online classes on the side. When I got back my computer died, forcing me to buy a new Macbook, and I've been fighting with the updated developer tools since. Sadly I had less uploaded for this project than I thought and even less backed up.

Posted by jeremiah 2012-12-31

New Wine Mac Packages

New Mac OSX package being available! Jim White was nice enough to allow new compiled Mac OSX packages here as of a couple months ago. Everything is compiled directly from the main Wine sources ( and then packaged. Builds will be for Intel Macs only (although the package may say otherwise).

I was trying to get some kinks out of the packager and decided to just push what I currently have after struggling with a couple different approaches. I'm sure there will be some complaints, but there are no clean and up-to-date Wine packages for OSX.

Posted by jeremiah 2011-12-04

Darwine under full steam!

Use Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) to run Windows applications on Darwin and Mac OS X. Where to begin with news? This project has been quietly moving along for more than a year now and so a lot has happened. The biggest efforts have been by Pierre d'Herbemont and Sanjay Connare who have succesfully ported WINE to Mac OS X including a couple applications (what folks won't do to run Winmine!) and a binary package with installer.... read more

Posted by Jim White 2004-02-11