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File Date Author Commit
SharpMime 2013-01-24 ctrager [r690] test app for SharpMime
btnet_service 2011-09-06 ctrager [r631]
firefox 2011-08-17 ctrager [r626]
git 2009-11-10 ctrager [r464]
mercurial 2009-11-10 ctrager [r464]
screen_capture 2012-02-24 ctrager [r652]
subversion 2011-09-08 ctrager [r634]
www 2014-10-24 ctrager [r710]
README.HTML 2009-10-24 ctrager [r428]
RELEASE_NOTES.TXT 2014-07-02 ctrager [r709] 3.6.4
btnet.jpg 2010-11-30 ctrager [r577]
coreys_to_do_list.txt 2014-04-03 ctrager [r708] bug fixes, this is version 3.6.3
import_users_from_ldap_sample.cs 2009-10-24 ctrager [r425]
install_btnet.cmd 2009-11-28 ctrager [r481]
install_btnet_service.cmd 2009-11-28 ctrager [r481]
upgrade.sql 2009-11-07 ctrager [r458]

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<h1>How to Install BugTracker.NET</h1>

Instructions are online at &nbsp;:<a href=http://ifdefined.com/readme.html#installation>http://ifdefined.com/readme.html#installation</a>
Good Luck!