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Bash-Pause is a program made for the Linux bash that pauses the process until <enter> is pressed. This is useful and is required for all Linux programs that I write. The program neets to be installed to ROOTPATH/bin. It is a simple install. The source files are located in a separate compressed file from the executable. This executable should run on any Linux distro. It is a kernel program so you will need to open a terminal to use it. For instance, you will type
(localhost@localdomain:~)# pause
and then the output will be
Please press enter to continue...
If it doesn't work then you can compile it from the source. You will need to use g++ since it is a C++ program. To compile, I used:
(localhost@localdomain:~)# g++ pause.cpp -o pause
It is simple and should be straight forward. The program mimics the pause command in DOS. I found it useful for my extensive programs.


Posted by Charles Timko 2006-06-23