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Project upgrades: Inactive projects

Over the coming days, we’ll be starting the process of upgrading projects which have not yet upgraded to the new SourceForge platform. We’re starting with projects which have been inactive for the longest period of time, and moving forward from there. This will allow us to further test and streamline the bulk upgrade process, as well as speed the process of moving us off of the old platform.

Rest assured that if your project has had activity within the last year, we’re not going to upgrade them at this time. There will be a further communication with individual projects once we get that far. However, if you’ve been waiting to upgrade, now is the time to go ahead and do it before we get to you.

If there’s a particular issue that is keeping you from upgrading, we need to hear about it soon, so that we can address it quickly. Several of the issues that various projects had been waiting for have been resolved in recent weeks, so you may wish to check back on the tickets where your particular item of concern is being tracked.

If you’re ready to upgrade, you can do so on the project upgrade page.