Guest Post: Programming Without Coding Technology

Today we have a guest post from Mahmoud Fayed of the Programming Without Coding Technology project.

During the last 8 years (since Dec. 2005) we have been working on developing a General-Purpose Visual Programming Language, Our goal is to present a tool for novice programmers and expert programmers at the same time.

The project development is a based on the implementation of new research ideas and getting feedback from our users.

We created the following movie today to present some of the PWCT features and how programmers can use it to create real world applications:

We are going to release PWCT 1.9 (Art) during the next 60 days with these features.

chagul das
chagul das

A specialist innovative technology for computer programming designed for computer users to give them the ability to create any software they need without previous knowledge of computer programming wherethe user will start to learn how to program and will understand the programming concepts using thistool step by step and without the need to write code by hand at all where the programming donethrough general purpose visual programming languages.


Hello, Mahmoud!  Trying to install this...don't know if it will work, yet, since the install is still running.  Do you plan on releasing a version of this Supernova for RPM-based Linux distros?  Or, perhaps a 64-bit version?  Or the source-code?




Very interesting. Forgive me if this is a naive question, but can the code generated by this program be parallelized? 

Mahmoud Fayed
Mahmoud Fayed


Supernova  works fine on Ubuntu Linux & Microsoft Windows.

Supernova is free-open source and the Windows version contains the visual source files (*.SSF) which you can open and build using PWCT.

The Linux version also comes with the generated source code inside the debian package

To build from the source you will need Harbour & HbQt from and

For quick solution you can run PWCT on Linux using Wine then use SupernovaPWCT to develop based on Supernova

Also you can open & build supernova from source using HarbourPWCT

Mahmoud Fayed
Mahmoud Fayed

 @joemaglitta Yes, PWCT comes with more than one VPL (Visual Programming Language) like HarbourPWCT, PythonPWCT, C#PWCT & SupernovaPWCT and you can extended PWCT to support any textual programming language

And you can do the next

1 - Use Threads

2 - Use the Super Server Programming Paradigm (Embedded in HarbourPWCT) to develop network applications (Client-Server & Distributed )

3 - Support new textual programming language for concurrent programming like ErLang

The idea of PWCT is to create new VPLs powerful as the textual programming languages we are using for programming tasks.

And we have 11 lessons to help developes extened PWCT