Classic SCM hooks

If you have a Classic SourceForge project, by now you’ve noticed that we’ve added post-commit hooks to your Source Control Management (SCM) checkins, telling you that there’s an upgrade available for your project.

This will look something like:

We've released a new version of our "forge" software.
Upgrade your project now to take advantage of all the new features.

Visit to learn more.

Please note that this is a post-commit hook, and so does not interfere with the commit itself, which has already been completed by that point.

On the other hand, if you’ve already upgraded, and someone tries to commit to the old repository, they’ll see:

This repository has moved to a new location. This project was
upgraded to the new SourceForge platform, so a one-time move of
this repo was performed. There are instructions for switching to
the new location, including any commits you may have done on this
repository after the upgrade, at:

The new repository URL can be found by visiting:

This repository will soon become read-only.

Note that the isn’t the URL of your new repository, but, rather, is the place where you will find that URL.

If you aren’t yet aware of the upgrade, take a moment to look at the upgrade page, which talks about what you can expect when you press the button. And if you still have any questions or concerns, please tell us sooner rather than later.

To be clear, all projects will eventually be moved to the new platform, so that we can retire the old code and start moving more quickly on the new. As you no doubt know, maintaining two codebases can take up a lot of additional time that we’d really rather put into making improvements to the new platform. But we’d like for you to do this on your own time, and to have plenty of time to look things over.

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