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Release workflow

From postfixadmin

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This page describes the workflow for doing a PostfixAdmin release.

preparations in SVN

  • update $version in functions.inc.php
  • update debian/changelog
  • update CHANGELOG.TXT (revision and date)
    • Note: use the revision number your commit will get - in other words: $current_revision + 1
  • run svn commit
  • tag the release (svn cp to tags/postfixadmin-$version)
# example for 2.3.7 release
svn cp svn+ssh://christian_boltz@svn.code.sf.net/p/postfixadmin/code/branches/postfixadmin-2.3  \



  • create tarball (name: postfixadmin-$version.tar.gz - no underscores please!)
  • GPG-sign the tarball (gpg --detach-sign --armor $tarball) - should result in a $tarball.asc
  • create deb:

This creates a tarball without debian/ directory and is required to build the .dpkg!

# Example for 2.3.5 release:
cd postfixadmin-2.3
debian/rules prep
debian/rules build-package
  • mail everything to cboltz


  • create RPM
  • also sign the tarball and merge with GingerDog's $tarball.asc
  • upload everything to sourceforge


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