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Ideas for Google Summer of Code

  • OS X support (mainly an according implementation of the "LocalSystem" class is neccessary as well as the integration of a free VNC server for OS X)
  • bidirectional chat system
  • full documentation / manual (with help browser?)
  • ...

iTALC 2.0 (Q3/2011)

  • Windows Vista/7 support (done)
  • Win64 support (done)
  • switch from autotools to CMake (done)
  • internally use UltraVNC instead of TightVNC on win32 (done)
  • rewritten core libraries (done)
  • logon authentication (done)
  • rewritten VNC backend (libvncclient instead of own RFB protocol implementation) (done)
  • iTALC Management Application (done)

iTALC 3.0 (2012/2013?)

  • completely new user interface of master application using QGraphicsView framework (allowing various automatic thumbnail arrangement modes with fancy effects, ~10% done)
  • iTALC Server Application (ISA) for hosting server-side plugins (i.e. internet access control)
  • iTALC Plugin Architecture (IPA) - also allowing proprietary plugins
  • ideas for plugins (of course not all of them will be realized in 2.0):
    • internet access control module
    • file collecting and -distributing
    • audio- and video-streaming support (via VLC?)
    • modules for importing information about clients (name, IP, MAC-addres) (LDAP, NIS, Subnet-Scan, XML- and CSV-file ...)
    • chat management system
    • annotate plugin
    • Student Quiz/Polling/Testing
    • auto scan for windows clients
  • encrypted network-traffic (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/qsslsocket.html)
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