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BibDesk Applescripts

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BibDesk Scripts

This is a list of scripts (mostly Applescripts) that can extend BibDesk's functionality. These scripts are written by BibDesk users; for further discussion or to post scripts, use the BibDesk-users mailing list.

To add an Applescript to the menu, put it in ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk/Scripts/ (for a single user only, where ~ is the home directory of this user) or in /Library/Application Support/BibDesk/Scripts/ (available for all the users on the machine; this might require administrator password). You may have to create those directories if they do not exist. You can force a custom ordering of the scripts in the menu by prepending the file names by a number followed by a dash, those will be used for sorting but won't show in the menu. To run an Applescript, just select it from BibDesk's Scripts menu.

  • Alex Montgomery's applescripts (website). They include:
    • Article-Book Locator scripts (for finding either articles or books using Google Scholar, with a special version for Reed College)
    • Book Locator Scripts (for finding books at ECampus, WorldCat, and Amazon)
      • Book Locator Amazon
      • Book Locator ECampus
      • Book Locator WorldCat
    • BookScripts (for adding data directly from the Library of Congress and WorldCat, see Readme):
      • Book Add by ISBN
      • Book Cite Fixer
    • Book set URL to WorldCat (for setting the URL field for book entries using WorldCat)
    • FieldScripts (for manipulating fields, some are obsolete now; see Readme)
      • Field Capitalize
      • Field Copy-Swap
      • Field Put 1 Before or After 2
      • Field Remove Chars from Start or End
    • JSTORScripts (for locating, downloading, and completing articles using JSTOR, see Readme):
      • Fix JSTOR URLs.scpt (Fixes old JSTOR URLs to new scheme)
      • Article JSTOR Download (downloads and attaches PDF for entries with JSTOR URLs)
      • Article JSTOR Cite Fixer (tries to complete a cite)
    • OpenURL Script (take partial or full entries and look up electronic resources for them using OpenURL)
    • PDFAddCiteHeader (Adds a header to the first page of a PDF containing the cite for the PDF)
  • An additional MSWord (and Pages?) integration bash script (download, ReadMe).
  • Michael Hohensee's applescripts (website, ReadMe). They include:
    • ArXiv reader
    • Safari script to create automatically bib entries from an IOP, OSA, AIP, or APS journal article
  • Brian Helenbrook's applescripts (website, ReadMe). There are three scripts:
    • Get pdf title
    • Science Direct index
    • Engineering index
  • Claus Gerhardt's applescripts (website, ReadMe) format eprint and arXiv URLs and deal with local-url filing. They include:
    • eprint
    • arXiv
    • local-url
    • pdf: Use to open a second pdf file linked to an entry.
  • Charlie Koven has some applescripts to open an article in Google Scholar: (download)
    • Separate scripts either open in the default browser or a specified browser (in case, for example, you use a different browser when you need to use proxy servers).
    • To best integrate Google Scholar with Bibdesk, change your Google Scholar preferences to use BibTex as your bibliography manager. This creates a little "Import into BibTex" link below each search result, and makes it much easier to add references to your library.
  • Derick Fay's applescripts:
    • Add the Keywords from the current selection in BibDesk to all linked files as Mavericks tags
    • add keywords to selected publications
    • replace existing keywords in selected publications
    • create groups by date added - similar to calendar view in iPhoto
    • Post to BibDesk from NetNewsWire - an Applescript to create a new publication in BibDesk based on a newsfeed entry (typically from an RSS feed of a Journal's table of contents) in NetNewsWire. This allows me to skim tables of contents and quickly save the information on articles I want to read at a later date. The script partially fills in the bibliographic data: the Title of the new publication is set to the title of the newsfeed entry; the Journal of the new publication is set to the name of the feed (so you will want to rename your feeds accordingly); the year of the new publication is set to the year of the date the newsfeed entry was published (usually this is the same as the year of the journal, but you should double-check); the URL for the newsfeed entry is added to the publication; and, finally, a dialog box appears to add keywords. A keyword "untagged" is also added to the new publication -- I use this to identify references that need to be cleaned up. Save the file in /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Scripts/.
    • Lookup Publishers - if the selected publications include a publisher but no address, this script aims to add the address of the publisher(s). Uses an if...then...else lookup in the script which you can edit to suit your needs.
  • Miguel Ortiz-Lombardias's Another file matcher applescript (README), an alternative to File Matcher, based on Title + ( part of ) Abstract search.
  • Douglas Stabila's CVS, AppleScript to perform CVS operations from BibDesk and a script to insert citations from BibDesk in TeXShop.
  • Sven-S. Porst and Christoph Wockel’s arXiv → BibDesk-script: Uses an open arXiv abstract page in the browser to download the PDF and add a publication with the metadata, document, link, and abstract to BibDesk.

Applescripts for Integration with External Editors

  • Mark Reid's applescript to send citations to LyX (WYSIWYM LaTeX editor). (website)
  • Jim Harrison's CiteInPages, Applescripts for BibDesk's script menu to format numbered and author-date in-text citations and bibliographies in Apple's Pages (v. 3) word processor.
    • Scripts and templates for displaying summary lists of selected articles (including abstracts, annotations and Skim notes) in TextEdit and Apple's Pages word processor.
  • Colin Smith's BibFuse, AppleScripts for adding in-text citations to Microsoft Word 2004/2008. Reference formatting is reversible and can be updated as you write/edit. It currently supports numbered reference lists as well as .doc, RTF, and plain text templates.
  • Thomas Counsell's ruby script to get bibliography info in Pages (website, ReadMe)
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