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  • Committed [r8739]

    Set color cell in nib. Fix invalid text field c...

  • Modified ticket #1466 on BibDesk

    Syntax error for cite keys containing apostrophes (')

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1466 on BibDesk

    That's not a bug in BibDesk. That's a bug in the bibtex data. Accents are not allowed...

  • Committed [r8738]

    fix ivar name

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1016 on Skim

    I changed the left side pane tables to not use source list highlighting, which uses...

  • Modified ticket #991 on Skim

    Presentation transitions not working

  • Modified ticket #1019 on Skim

    Skim blocks emptying trash

  • Committed [r8737]

    use local variable

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2004-11-18 23:01:55


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