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  • Committed [r8760]

    don't show pointing finger cursor for anchored ...

  • Modified ticket #1037 on Skim

    email link in pdf prevents adding notes

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1037 on Skim

    I have no problem adding new notes on top of any links, neither using any note tool...

  • Committed [r20333]

    fix reveal linked file in detail editor

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1032 on Skim

    The only thing that can explain this that I can think of is that this remote control...

  • Modified ticket #1456 on BibDesk

    updater to 1.6.3 fails

  • Modified ticket #1036 on Skim

    Presenter keys switch slides in wrong direction

  • Committed [r20329]

    fix alignment

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2004-11-18 23:01:55


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