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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1898 on jEdit

    I wanted to check if I can see something in the jEdit Activity log, but starting from today (and without having changed anything in the configuration of jEdit), the Java Exception does not occur anymore, no matter how hard I tried! The only oddities are, that the message Process exit exited with code 0 is shown in the colour for error messages instead of information messages, and that typing exit does not close the console window. I don't know whether these are really bugs; maybe this is the intended...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1898 on jEdit

    I suggest that you change the title to ".... after some commands". While the red error status is shown always, the exception shows up only sometimes. Is there something I can do, such providing logfiles?

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1898 on jEdit

    I'm not refering to showing the exit status. This is perfectly fine. I want to see the exit status. Please pay attention to what I reported on. I reported that an exit code 0 is treated as error, and that I can see a Java exception. As for the exit status, if the desired behaviour is to always treat an exit status as error, I understand that this is not an issue. The Java exception still might be. I also don't quite understand, that a ticket is closed, just because one person exists who doesn't happen...

  • Created ticket #543 on jEdit

    Editing in Ruby mode should by default include '!' and '?' as word characters

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1899 on jEdit

    I have added an attachment of the edit buffer, which also shows the line before and the line after the offending line.

  • Created ticket #1899 on jEdit

    Ruby SideKick Plugin Parser reports syntax error on correct line

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1898 on jEdit

    Additional information about the Platform: Windows 7 (64bit) Java 1.8.0 jEdit 5.4.0

  • Created ticket #1898 on jEdit

    Console Plugin shows strange error messages after each comman

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