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    You could simplify a bit by removing jhead; jpegtran has a command line option to strip metadata. 😉

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    Sure, let me see if I still have the files I tested with. Meantime, can you confirm the method you're using for lossless optimization? Is it the jpegtran tool, or are there other tools in use behind the scenes? If it's jpegtran, is it from the libjpeg-turbo project, for speed?

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    Sorry, I don't understand. Is 11.x released? I only see up through the 10.x series here on SourceForge. And are you saying that there is lossless JPEG optimization in FileOptimizer? FileOptimizer.ini has only three options tagged "JPEG": JPEGCopyMetadata=false JPEGUseArithmeticEncoding=false JPEGAllowLossy=false If there's already lossless optimization, great! That's what I was looking for. I don't need or want lossy optimization, so I'm not looking for a way to enable it. So that I'm clear in the...

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    Is there documentation for this? I wasn't able to find any references in the help (CHM) file, and I didn't locate any other form of documentation. You mention a newer option for lossy recompression; how does this work? I have 10.100.1889 installed, and the only options are labeled "Copy metadata" and "Use arithmetic encoding". There's no reference to lossy vs. lossless [re]compression. The one time I've tested JPEG optimization, I got notably different file sizes after running the same input through...

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    I'm very concerned that there are still no updates to p7zip, either.

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    Lossless compression for JPEG

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    As a temporary measure, can you dispatch compression jobs to a "worker process" that will handle the threading / multiprocess? I don't know what it would require to work on Windows, but I make heavy use of GNU Parallel from the command line when I'm just trying to run a lot of files through zopflipng. Parallel provides regular feedback on jobs completed / remaining, estimated ETA, and so forth. It doesn't need to understand the particular sort of jobs it's executing; it simply invokes whatever third-party...

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    Menu translation strings issue

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