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  • Modified ticket #10 on Grsync

    Segfault on OS X when logging enabled

  • Posted a comment on ticket #10 on Grsync

    committed the little change to svn hope that fixes

  • Committed [r152]

    Fixed error when log writing enabled but can't open for writing

  • Modified ticket #13 on Grsync

    Export/Import sessions and session sets

  • Posted a comment on ticket #13 on Grsync

    I see your point. The solution might be adding a dialog before asking for the file export location. That would enable adding a checkbox (for sessione sets only) to enable exporting all the session data (instead of just the set configuration itself). Would this solution fit your needs? On the other hand, the session esport files are just snippets of grsync.ini configuration file, and you can always just take (part of) that file with a text editor or something.

  • Modified ticket #12 on Grsync

    Menu Shortcut Conflict (Alt+E)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #12 on Grsync

    Thanks for reporting this, I will fix it in the next version.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on Grsync

    If you need to run it in the background, I think you should use grsync-batch or rsync directly. Using sudo you can avoid typing any password.

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