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  • Posted a comment on ticket #325 on NAS4Free

    You may also note that the advice to use hw.ata.disk_enable=1 was taken from this article: Which does not seem to even know whether the two bash quotes in the notes are swapped. The ata command set is supposed to be applicable to FreeBSD 8 and 9, for getting virtual DVD drives working. The dd if=device of=samedevice count=0, etc command is supposed to be for forcing the reloading of...

  • Created ticket #343 on NAS4Free

    mDNSResponder service file pulls netbiosname from wrong path

  • Posted a comment on ticket #325 on NAS4Free

    Popping in to report that I experienced the same issue with the 11.0 series, so I had to downgrade my existing (from ESXi) 11.0 setup to 10.3.

  • Created ticket #637 on Enigmail

    Enigmail wizard fails with GnuPG installation

  • Posted a comment on ticket #7 on Foobar2000 WASAP2 & ASIO2 output

    Congratulations, the original poster lives here:,111980.msg923566.html#msg923566...

  • Created ticket #7 on Foobar2000 WASAP2 & ASIO2 output

    Crash report from a user after regular use

  • Posted a comment on ticket #15 on libsidplayfp

    Solved it: I needed to disable Header Maps, and manually add a few paths to my non-recursive...

  • Created ticket #15 on libsidplayfp

    Can't compile latest tip with Clang on Mac OS X

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