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  • Posted a comment on ticket #411 on UFRaw

    I would hazard that the problem comes from an interaction between ( LibRaw or poppler ) and another unknown required library that is also compiled for ufraw. Who really knows? It's working for me now. John.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #411 on UFRaw

    I fixed this for myself by building libraw and poppler-0.26.5. The LibRaw was from git somewhere. I happened upon this fix by starting ufraw in a console / window / shell. It threw some messages about missing files (I'm guessing the LibRaw and I'm pretty sure about poppler.) I've not had a problem since. HTH. John.

  • Created ticket #411 on UFRaw

    Ufraw defaults to wrong output size.

  • Created ticket #401 on UFRaw

    UFRAW (from CVS) does not pass EXIF data to gimp-2.9.1

  • Posted a comment on ticket #366 on UFRaw

    Nils: I just saw your patch and applied it. :-) Thanks! Problem fixed. John.

  • Created ticket #366 on UFRaw

    Changes to color temperature throws an error message

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