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  • Committed [r665]

    Fix the sky in one of the levels in virtua on. The problem was caused by the fact we didn't split the mesh by the fog % burn through, so all the polys had the same value. We could use a vertex attrib, but % burn through fog is so rarely used and when it is, normally every poly in the mesh has the same value.

  • Committed [r663]
  • Committed [r662]

    update project files

  • Committed [r661]

    work around for visual studio bug

  • Committed [r660]

    fix missing header

  • Committed [r659]

    cannot specify explicit initializer for arrays - fix for visual studio

  • Posted a comment on ticket #41 on WinLIRC

    I'll update it when I have a bit of time :)

  • Committed [r647]

    Calculating the length of the vertex results in quite broken values for fogging when the vertices are traversing the view frustum. The hardware also wouldn't have been doing a square root per vertex for fogging. Simply using the z values is enough. Todo check clamping of values for the near/far planes.

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