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  • Committed [r5542]

    Unify CSceneManager::getMesh functions (put identical code in getUncachedMesh).

  • Committed [r5541]

    Remove some warnings.

  • Committed [r5540]

    Remove warnings in ES1 and ES2 getColorFormatParameters functions as was done in OpenGL before.

  • Committed [r5539]

    Merge revisions r5532 through r5538 from trunk to ogl-es-

  • Posted a comment on ticket #412 on Irrlicht Engine

    Model seems to be: Part of the bug is that readObj2 calls Indices.clear() on each chunk. But doesn't seem to be the whole problem.

  • Committed [r5538]

    Revert ftell checks from r5532. Add documentation.

  • Committed [r5537]

    Fix crash on quitting MaterialViewer.

  • Committed [r5536]

    Move log errors from getColorFormatParameters to the functions using it.

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