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  • Modified ticket #4983 on Fink


  • Modified ticket #5012 on Fink

    fix fltk13-aqua_1.3.3-3 on Xcode 9

  • Modified ticket #5014 on Fink

    fix image-oct-2.2.1-3 to build against Xcode 9

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5013 on Fink

    With fink-0.42.0 out, there's now a java9 family of virtual packages. Assuming that Oracle isn't going to go back to having minor-versioned directories, that could be a dependency option which gives a deterministic build.

  • Modified ticket #5015 on Fink

    fix signal-oct-1.3.0-1 to build against Xcode 9

  • Committed [r9377]

    Added entries about what to do when a source tarball can't be found

  • Committed [r9389]

    Added section about replacing manual XFree86 installation.

  • Committed [r9390]

    Updated FAQ to include how to replace manual XFree86 install with fink packages.

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