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  • Committed [r5199]

    make tracebox respond to negative-skin ents, in addition to the built-in pmove code, so mods should now be able to detect it properly.

  • Committed [r5198]

    work around a believed issue with ericw-qbsp's skip texture support - if an invalid surface is referenced, don't try to generate decals from it.

  • Modified ticket #50 on FTE QuakeWorld

    players blinking in and out of view in latest 5186

  • Posted a comment on ticket #50 on FTE QuakeWorld

    fixed in 5196

  • Committed [r5197]

    fix r_waterstyle 2/3 entity flickering

  • Committed [r5196]

    fix r_wateralpha in the d3d9+d3d11 renderers too.

  • Committed [r5195]

    fix r_nolerp stutter bug.

  • Committed [r5194]

    xinput tweaks, under advice from primallove.

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