Winpooch is a watchdog for Windows (2000, XP, 2003, but only 32-bits). It detects modifications in your system, so as to detect a trojan or a spyware installation. It also includes a real-time anti-virus. Set your own security level for anti-spyware, ant

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User Reviews

  • api hooker program. would love to see development started again. perhaps add clamwin to it???

  • For over 6 years, I have been using this little gem as my main means of protection against all kinds of malicious programs and it performed almost flawlessly. I`m not aware of any other program that could provide this level of security in such small package: monitoring registry writes, file writes in selected folders, and network connections both incoming and outgoing, plus on-access antivirus features (which I never used for sake of keeping the protection lightweight). The initial set-up was a little pain, but after some tinkering with monitoring settings, it worked like a charm for years and I was very happy with it. What I`m very unhappy about is that Winpooch is no longer in development and it probably will not work on anything newer than Windows XP SP2. Real shame, since there is no other program that can do what Winpooch does. Maybe someone skilled would be kind enough to pick the development up where it was left by the original author? Speaking of which: good work monsieur Blanchon! You made a real little gem.

  • It's a perfect watchdog

  • Works like a charm

  • XP not supported

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