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WebPing Today a lot of the more “affordable” web hosting companies do not use the ping service. Even more insidious, even when the ping program might seem to be working properly, more often than not an RFC Ping Request is in reality being re-directed to another server. -A server typically designed to make your site look a lot more responsive that it really is. WebPing was designed to provide us with a genuine idea of what our users are experiencing. Because WebPing uses the same HTTP services that our users do, WebPing will provide us a far, far better idea of the type of throughput our users are having at our web site(s.) WebData Starting with Version 2, WebPing also saves WebPing data on the server. Uploading the included webping.php and style.css files is all that is required to start collecting, viewing, managing, and downloading your client-ping statistics. Because the WebPing data are stored on your host in a loosely-delimited comma separated (CSV) format, WebPing data can be readily used by spreadsheets and other programs. Ease of Use Finally, we believe that everyone needs to know if their web server(s) are responding as expected. For this reason, we designed WebPing to be horrifically easy to use. Written in 100% pure Java, WebPing will also work on any platform where Java 1.6 is available. For more information, please refer to the information in the WebPing user interface. Enjoy, Randall Nagy President Soft9000.com http://www.Soft9000.com
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